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Advance Health Care Directive

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as to form that are specified by statute, but you may otherwise freely set forth your preferences, including whether your agent (the person you designate to make your decisions) has freedom to exercise his or her discretion, or whether your wishes must be followed precisely.  Often, a Living Will is drafted in conjunction with a Durable Power of Attorney for Health Care.  This allows you the flexibility to designate one person to speak on your behalf concerning medical decisions while another acts for you with regard to financial decisions.

It is most important that the agents named in your Advance Health Care Directive have ready access to the signed original of the document and that your primary care physician be aware of both the name and contact information of your agents and the existence of your Living Will, which you should review regularly and update as necessary.

Please contact your Agins Law Firm Chandler/Sun Lakes elder law attorney about creating an effective and current
Advance Health Care Directive for you.

We never anticipate becoming disabled, but planning for that possibility is both prudent and necessary.  An Advance Health Care Directive ("AHD"), also known as a "Living Will," sets forth your wishes concerning medical treatment while you are living, but unable to make those wishes known yourself.   The AHD enumerates your preferences concerning certain life-sustaining treatments and whether or not you want certain life-prolonging interventions, such as feeding tubes, cardiac resuscitation or medical respiration.  There are several specific requirements

Advance Healthcare Directive (Living Will)