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Elder Law and Estate Planning

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Elder Law Overview

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When I was in my late thirties, my father, who had been a lawyer for 50 years by then, explained to me that it required not only technical knowledge to be a competent lawyer, but more importantly, having the right perspective to understand your clients' problems.  When I questioned him, he went on to explain that an older person views things in a way that a 30 year-old cannot.  This is not because the younger person lacks intelligence, but rather, because he hasn't yet lived for 60 years or more, and doesn't see the world through the eyes of his older colleague.

Because I respected my father, I took him at his word and didn't question him further.  When I became a senior myself however, I thought back on that conversation of more than 30 years ago and my father's point became self-evident  Of course!  Because I now understood it from the perspective of a senior - precisely as he had counseled me years before.

I never gainsay the intelligence of younger lawyers - they can be as bright, aggressive and analytical as their older colleagues.  But they can't have the experience and perspective gained by long years of living.  For that reason, I believe that the Agins Law Firm, guided by my precepts and perspective, is uniquely qualified to serve the senior client.  I see
the world as you do and intuitively empathize with your needs and priorities.

                                                                                                                                                    Richard H. Agins, Esq.


Elder Law and Estate Planning

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