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2) Medicare, Medicaid, disability, end of life planning, advance healthcare directives and other long-term care issues such as nursing home care, assisted living facilities and in-home care; and

3) Guardianship and conservatorship, commitment and fiduciary administration.

Your Agins Law Firm Chandler/Sun Lakes elder law and estate planning attorneys focus our attention on ensuring
that seniors are prepared to avoid the pitfalls of aging not only in regarding their health but also concerning their finances.  As our average lifespan has grown, so too, have the costs of maintaining the standard of living to which we've become accustomed.  The average lifespan of a white male in the United States born in 1850 was about 38 years.  By 1900, that had increased by 10 years to 48.  By the middle of the 20th century he was living to about 66 years, and by 2011 that had increased again by ten years to a lifespan of over 76 years.  White females outlived
their male counterparts by 2 years in 1850 and by 2011, that gap had increased to 4 years. 

It is clear that those who haven't adequately funded their retirement will have to find other means of supporting themselves after retirement.  It is equally clear that people of means must ensure that their assets are sufficient
to continue their chosen lifestyle and that those assets will be handed down according to their wishes.  The
elder law attorneys at Agins Law Firm in Chandler/Sun Lakes have many tools at their disposal and the experience
to help our clients deal with estate planning, healthcare choices and long-term care decisions.

contact us today to learn how we can provide prudent legal counsel for your future.

Elder Law describes the area of law practice focused on
the needs of the rapidly growing segment of our population that is nearing or in their senior years.  Your Agins Law Firm elder law attorneys are committed to ensuring that those years truly are "the golden years."

Elder Law includes:

1) Estate planning and administration, including tax considerations, wills, trusts, retirement planning, Social Security benefits, and protection of seniors against fraud;

Elder Law Overview- Planning & Management

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