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Medicare / Medicaid Planning

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largest non-defense government expenditures in the United States and will only continue to grow as our society ages.

    Medicaid Planning:

According to Elder Law Answers, "[m]ost people end up paying for nursing home care out of their savings until they run out. Then they can qualify for Medicaid to pick up the cost. The advantages of paying privately are that you are more likely to gain entrance to a better quality facility and doing so eliminates or postpones dealing with your state's welfare bureaucracy--an often demeaning and time-consuming process. The disadvantage is that it's expensive."  By contacting your Agins Law Firm Chandler/Sun Lakes Medicare/Medicaid attorneys we can help you with Advance Medicaid Planning now before this expense becomes a crisis.

As mentioned on our Asset Protection Trust Page, there are limitations on how a person's assets may be distributed within 5 years of entering a nursing home or assisted living facility when Medicaid is involved.  By engaging in Advance Medicaid Planning we can assist you and your loved ones to make the best use of your assets now and in the future,
so please safeguard that future and
contact us now.

   Medicare Planning:

Medicare is the government program that provides healthcare coverage to individuals aged 65 and over. 
  Medicare Part A provides coverage for:

  • inpatient hospital care;
  • inpatient stays in most skilled nursing facilities, and
  • hospice and home health care services. 

  Medicare Part B  provides coverage for:

  • doctor and clinical lab service;
  • outpatient and preventive care;
  • screenings and surgical supplies; and
  • physical and occupational therapy. 

  Medicare Part C (also called Medicare Advantage) combines parts A and B in one plan and can also be combined with Medicare Part D - Prescription Drug Coverage. 

The choices of plans and coverage are bewildering and seniors often need assistance in deciding which plans and what levels of coverage make the most sense for them.  Agins Law Firm Medicare attorneys can assist in helping our clients and their families navigate these difficult choices to ensure that they are adequately covered and protected.  Contact your Agins Law Firm Medicare/Medicaid Planning attorneys now for help with Medicare Planning to ensure
that your coverage meets your needs.

As discussed briefly on our Asset Protection Trust page, careful advance planning is needed to ensure that your assets aren't totally depleted by the cost of long-term nursing home or assisted living facility care.  One of the greatest fears expressed by people approaching senior status is that they will not be able to afford the level of care they desire if they become unable to live independently.  This has far-reaching effects not only for the individual, but for our society at large because the expenditure by Medicaid to maintain people in nursing homes has become one of the

Medicare and Medicaid Planning

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