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Mental Health Care Power of Attorney

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unable to do so.  You may choose one or more persons to make those decisions and you may name an alternate agent in the event that the persons you designate are unwilling or unable to serve in that capacity either temporarily or permanently..

In order to make an effective MHCPOA, you must be 18 years of age and of sound mind at the time you sign the document.  The document must be signed in the presence of witness OR a notary public.  The Mental Health Care Power of Attorney becomes effective only when a licensed psychiatrist or psychologist attests that you are no longer able to give informed consent regarding your treatment.  Furthermore, the MHCPOA includes a HIPAA waiver of confidentiality for your agent or representative.  The Arizona Durable Mental Health Care Power of Attorney form advises that you speak to your doctor, clergyperson and a lawyer before executing the form.

We suggest that you contact your Agins Law Firm elder law and estate planning attorneys today to discuss whether you would benefit from having us prepare an Arizona Durable Mental Heath Care Power of Attorney for you.

One definition of the word "attorney" is "a person legally appointed or empowered to act for another - an agent." A "power of attorney" is the document by which that appointment is made. Powers of attorney come in different flavors: A financial power of attorney empowers your agent to act on your behalf concerning financial matters. A health care power of attorney allows your agent to make medical decisions for you. A Mental Health Care Power of Attorney ("MHCPOA") names the person you want to make decisions concerning your future mental health treatment if you should become

Mental Health Care Power of Attorney

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