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Revocable Living Trust

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to act as your trustee, empowered to manage (administer) the assets in your Trust.  The terms of the Trust will govern how it is administered and how its assets are distributed, so that the Trustee does not have unfettered discretion, but must carry out the wishes of the Trust's grantor (the "settlor").

The settlor, who usually is the initial trustee, administers the Trust during his or her lifetime and upon his or her passing, a successor trustee (named in the Trust document) assumes administrative duties.  Moreover, the settlor usually is the only beneficiary during his or her lifetime.

Several advantages of a Trust over a Will are:

Avoidance of the cost and delay of probating a Will;

  • A named trustee can manage the assets for a settlor's benefit if she becomes incapacitated, thus eliminating the need for (and the cost of) a court-appointed conservator;
  • Reduction of taxes for a married couple in certain cases (contact us to learn more about this);
  • Beneficiary protection by setting up a continuing trust arrangement that controls assets for those who are either too young, or incapable of managing their inheritance if distributed in a lump-sum.

Estate planning is a process that requires the weighing of alternative options in order to provide each client with the right combination of tools and strategies to best fit his or her situation.  Please make an appointment today with an Agins Law Firm Chandler/Sun Lakes Trust attorney to help you begin the process of charting the course of your financial future in a way that fully reflects your desires and wishes, or to review your existing Trust to ensure that it properly fits your current and ongoing financial needs.  In addition, Agins Law Firm can serve as Trustee of your Revocable Living Trust and can administer it in accordance with its terms.

The difference between a Will and a Trust is that the Will becomes effective only upon your death, whereas you retain complete control over the corpus (assets) of a Trust while you are alive. You have the ability to make changes and, in the case of a Revocable Living Trust, you even have the right to terminate the Trust during your lifetime.  A Trust allows you to circumvent the Arizona probate process, which is often costly, needlessly public and time-consuming.  With an Arizona Revocable Living Trust, you can designate any competent adult or qualified institution

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Revocable Living Trust