COVID-19 - Who Cares?

Let’s face it, the randomness of COVID-19 cases is frightening. People are falling victim every day, regardless of age or financial status.

So, Arizona estate planning attorney Richard Agins says there are some documents you should have in place, especially during these uncertain times.

First: A Living Will. This is an advance directive, spelling out your wishes for critical or end-of-life care. You should also have a DNR or Do Not Resuscitate order.

Then, there is the Healthcare Power of Attorney. Unlike the Living Will, this designates a person who will communicate all medical decisions to your doctor if you cannot – not just those end-of-life decisions.

Even if you are married with children, unless you have this written directive they have no authority to make decisions.

Next is the Mental Health Power of Attorney. If you require any sort of psychiatric or mental health treatment you nee this. Without it, the State will likely take control of your treatment. You could end up involuntarily committed to a mental health facility.

Finally, there is a HIPAA release authorization. This document advises your health care providers who may receive your personal protected health care information.