Business Law Attorneys

Have you started up your business relying on a handshake or a “Create-it-Yourself” contract?

You’ve heard the expression “penny-wise and pound foolish,” right? Richard Agins wants you to know hiring an experienced East Valley business law firm at the start will save you money and headaches down the road.

Richard will review:

Business contracts: Remember the person who drafted the contract will always give him or herself the upper hand, so have another set of eyes on it before you sign.

Buy/Sell agreements: You’ve invested too much blood, sweat and tears into your business to walk away with anything less than the best price – and the least liability.

Internal corporate documents: Employment agreements, bylaws, and policy manuals are all critical. You want everyone in your business working off the same page – literally.

Merger and acquisition documents: Joining forces with, or taking over another business operation, may make great financial sense. But it is also a process filled with government rules and regulations, so beware.

Trying to do any of this on your own can lead to disaster, if not outright failure. You know how to run your business. Agins Law Firm, PLC can help you protect it. Call today