Anybody is Nobody

It is a classic premise of networking that asking for a referral to “anybody who…” is like describing nobody. That is because “anybody” is non-specific and tells your listeners little about your requirements.

As a lawyer, I am asked “who is your ideal client?” If I were a personal injury lawyer, my answer would be “someone injured in an auto accident, or a slip-and-fall victim.” If I were a criminal law attorney, my ideal client would be a person charged with a crime. But I am neither of these. I practice in the areas of estate planning and transactional business law. So, who is my ideal client?

For the estate planning portion of my practice, the broad answer is “anyone who is mortal and has assets.” That covers a pretty large swath of humanity. I read recently about a French nun who celebrated her 117th birthday after having recovered from COVID. If she has taken a vow of poverty and is in such robust health, she probably does not need an estate plan. She is one of the few exceptions. Simply put, if you want to take care of yourself and your heirs, you should have a current estate plan in place. Because my ideal client population is exceedingly large, I will narrow it to individuals or couples from ages 35 to 65 either contemplating or already having children, and wanting to provide for their own retirement and health care. If you’re 25 or 75 with no desire for children, I’ll still be glad to help you with a less complicated estate plan.

For the business law portion of my practice the answer is “any small business owner.” Could I narrow that down by industry? Perhaps, but doing so would ignore that any and every small business faces common legal needs: decisions about form of entity; articles of incorporation or organization; employment agreements; purchase and supply contracts; buy-sell agreements; non-competition agreements; and myriad others. In this case “any small business” is the appropriate answer.

To wrap it up, my ideal client is anybody with a business or a life who wants to protect themselves and their assets. In this case I must use the four-letter word “anybody” because nobody should go without proper legal protection. If you are a mortal with stuff you want to protect, call Agins Law Firm, PLC, PLC at (480) 401-2660 for a free consultation.